Key transition statement

1 minute read

I am transitioning away from my old OpenPGP rsa2048 key:

pub   rsa2048/0x8BDEAA5952784983 2010-03-06 [ESC]
      Key fingerprint = F69A FC03 593F 5D86 6B74  8D90 8BDE AA59 5278 4983
uid   Thomas Krennwallner (TK) <[email protected]>
uid   Thomas Krennwallner (TK) <[email protected]>

I have created two new OpenPGP keys in order to replace the aforementioned key.

My new OpenPGP rsa4096 key is:

pub   rsa4096/0x7897A02627442D94 2018-02-06 [ESCA]
      Key fingerprint = 42B0 CA00 0C25 A006 C97A  A0E4 7897 A026 2744 2D94
uid   Thomas Krennwallner <[email protected]>
uid   Thomas Krennwallner <[email protected]>

My new OpenPGP ed25519 key is:

pub   ed25519/0xC21FF9FDC87AA96F 2018-02-18 [ESCA]
      Key fingerprint = E93F DB81 84AE 241C 345C  E235 C21F F9FD C87A A96F
uid   Thomas Krennwallner <[email protected]>
uid   Thomas Krennwallner <[email protected]>

Both new keys stand on an equal footing. You may choose any of the new keys for your future correspondence with me.

Please download this key transition statement as clearsigned document (signed with all keys) to verify the transition.

In case you have signed my old key I would be grateful if you certify my new keys. If you wish to meet in person to verify the keys please send me an email.

To soften the blow caused by this key transition, my old key will continue to be valid for a while. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have questions or difficulties of any kind, do let me know.